Hi, and thanks for scrolling down. Bloody website template.

I'm Michael, the dastardly mastermind of Pleon Words.

As an independent games developer I find myself fortunate to be scarcely adequate through self-teaching in a number of areas, which is handy. It means I get to activate "full hermit" mode and produce games by myself.

I love it.

I want to makes games that I would want to play, ones that surprise me and draw me in, and make me want to keep playing. That's the idea, and if I fail then please, please don't hurt me.

4K graphics with extra-luminal whateveryoucallits are pretty cool, but I see that as a bonus in any story-driven experience. At the heart of what I make is a story - have a good story and that's half the job done. Not literally, mind. Otherwise I'd be churning out these suckers five to the year.